Hospital Discharge

Recognizing the critical need for a seamless transition from hospital to home, our Hospital Discharge service at 1 Accord Inc ensures a smooth and reliable transportation experience. We are dedicated to providing timely and dependable transport, facilitating a stress-free journey for individuals post-hospitalization. Trust us to prioritize your comfort and safety during this crucial phase of care.

Doctors appointments

At 1 Accord Inc, we understand the importance of timely and reliable transportation for all your medical needs. Our dedicated transport service ensures hassle-free access to crucial doctor's appointments, prioritizing your well-being and making your journey as smooth as possible. Count on us to provide dependable and comfortable transportation for your healthcare appointments.

Dialysis Appointments

At 1 Accord Inc, we grasp the crucial significance of punctual and dependable transportation for individuals dealing with chronic kidney disease. Our dedicated ambulance service is committed to guaranteeing that you or your loved ones experience trouble-free access to vital dialysis appointments.

Inter-Facility Transfers

1 Accord Inc specializes in seamless Inter-Facility Transfers, ensuring efficient and secure transportation between healthcare facilities. Our dedicated service prioritizes reliability, safety, and timely transfers, providing a smooth journey for individuals requiring inter-facility medical transportation. Trust us to facilitate a dependable and comfortable transfer experience for your healthcare needs.

Community Service & Adult Day Care Program

1 Accord Inc proudly presents our Community Service & Adult Day Care Program, offering supportive environments and reliable transportation. We are committed to enriching the well-being of community members through engaging activities and social interactions. Trust us for compassionate and dependable services in community engagement and adult day care.

1 Accord Inc specializes in Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT). Our expert teams focus on providing essential medical care and secure transportation for individuals with non-urgent healthcare needs. Equipped with necessary tools and skilled personnel, our NEMT services prioritize the comfort and well-being of passengers. We ensure timely assistance for individuals requiring medical support during non-emergency situations, enhancing their overall experience and ensuring a smooth journey to their healthcare appointments.

Transforming the way patients get where they need to go

Revolutionizing transportation services to enhance accessibility for those in need, our initiative is dedicated to transforming the way individuals, including patients and the elderly, reach their destinations. By implementing innovative solutions and a patient-centric approach, we aim to make the journey seamless, reliable, and tailored to meet diverse needs in the realm of healthcare and mobility.


Trained and Compassionate Staff

Our team of committed experts undergo extensive training to ensure top-notch care during non-emergency medical transportation. Beyond being skilled drivers, we are compassionate individuals dedicated to prioritizing the comfort and safety of patients throughout the entire journey. You can trust that patients will be in capable and caring hands.

Reliable and Punctual Service

1 Accord Inc prides itself on reliable and punctual NEMT services, recognizing the crucial need for timely transportation in non-emergency situations. Our commitment to punctuality not only reduces stress but also ensures that patients reach healthcare appointments on time, offering peace of mind to both passengers and those relying on our transportation services.

Safe and Well-Equipped Vehicles

At 1 Accord Inc, prioritizing passenger safety is paramount. Our NEMT fleet comprises meticulously maintained vehicles with advanced safety features. Regular maintenance checks and strict adherence to safety protocols ensure a secure transportation experience. From accessible entry to a smooth ride, our vehicles are tailored to deliver a safe and comfortable journey for individuals with varied medical needs.

Excellent Communication and Coordination

At 1 Accord Inc, effective communication and coordination are fundamental to our NEMT services. Prioritizing transparent and timely communication with clients and healthcare providers, our dedicated coordination team ensures seamless scheduling, updates, and necessary adjustments. This commitment fosters a reliable and streamlined experience for everyone involved in the transportation process.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Understanding financial considerations in healthcare transportation, 1 Accord Inc provides affordable NEMT solutions without compromising service quality. Our transparent pricing, coupled with efficient route planning, makes our services a practical choice for non-emergency medical transportation, ensuring accessibility for all.

Customer-Centric Approach

1 Accord Inc embraces a customer-centric ethos, prioritizing clients' needs and satisfaction. Our responsive customer service team ensures a positive experience for passengers and coordinators, addressing inquiries and providing assistance. Dedicated to exceeding expectations, we deliver customer care that mirrors our commitment to excellence in NEMT services.

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